Limiting Racial Profiling

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Restricting the use of Racial Profiling Imagine going through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and being stopped and treated unfairly just because of the color of your skin and the way you dress. Imagine being stopped at a red light for no particular reason besides “driving while black” or being Hispanic and getting asked to show the officer your “papers” or a green card. Racial profiling has always been prominent, but is very unjust and a violation of people’s civil rights. Racial profiling should be performed in certain medical circumstances, such as giving out precautions about a disease that’s predominant amongst a certain race, rather than knowingly acting on a whim or irrational fear. Though racial profiling is used …show more content…

The effects can lead to something so powerful that could potentially ruin someone’s life, such as tainting someone’s reputation and stopping them from ever getting a well credited job. Not only does racial profiling affect law enforcement, it is also a known thing to be done in the work force. In most cases, before ever seeing a possible employee, their resume and social media profiles are seen ahead of time. Using what has been provided, assumptions can be made that can cost them getting or losing the job. It is as simple as having a name as Kashonda or being seen with a red solo cup without even seeing the contents on social media. Perception plays a major role in racial profiling because many races are already perceived as something that’s not too positive. It’s unfair that communities that are a majority of minorities, have to constantly go through, basically, a visual screening before ever being taken seriously. A commonly known quote is, “Cops will arrive as soon as you call in a predominantly Caucasian community rather than a community full of minorities,” (Unknown) furthers the separation and creates unsafe environments which forces them to be trapped in a social injustice

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