What Are The Positive Effects Of The Louisiana Purchase

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The Louisiana Purchase was the purchase of the vast amount of land from France (and Spain) to the United States. There were many positive results of the purchase that affected both the United States and France. Nonetheless, there were some negatives to purchase, again affecting both countries. Understanding the Purchase, however, is important to see where these affects generated.
The Louisiana Purchase was drafted in mid April of 1803 by the French. The purchase included over 820,000 square miles of land, and at the extrememly cheap price of $11,250,000. The 820,000 square miles purchased included the very important port-city of New Orleans. The port-city was so important as it was in a highly valued location, being right on the MIssissippi river. This would allow for travel and trade …show more content…

However, during the middle and to the end of the 18th century, developement slowed considerably. So, when United States made an offer to purchase the city of New Orleans, they were slow to make any progress. This slowness also occured in their attempts to spread their influence further in North America. By 1803, they were now willing to sell all of their territory in modern day United States. One of downsides to this "purchase" was the cost they were charging for the territory, a price so low that United States had to accept. Not only this, but they where also losing massive amounts of territory in a land not connected to their main country, resulting in a major loss of resources and opportunities that could be useful later on. One of the few positive results would be that they recieved enough money to solve their countries financial problems. With the purchase they also had less territory to worry about governing. Still, they suffered far more negative affects from the Louisiana Purchase than the

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