What Are The Pros And Cons Of Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn makes a lot of choices in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn some bad, some good, there are all kinds of decisions to make, but with each decision that Huck makes, leads him to different outcomes and consequences throughout his journey. Huck makes many choices throughout the book, like when he decided to escape from Pap’s cabin in chapter 6, because Pap’s beatings were getting too brutal for him to handle so he decides to saw a whole in the wall behind a big blanket, which he works on every time Pap leaves the cabin. After he gets the whole cut out, the next day he finds a canoe floating down the river, he takes the canoe and hides it and escapes when Pap leaves for the night to go drinking. Following his escape Huck takes all of the cabin’s supply’s and puts it all in the canoe and intelligently makes it look like he was murdered by cutting off some of his hair and killing a wild hog to use the blood to make it look believable.…show more content…
Some pro’s in his mind would be not having anybody chasing after him (which isn’t actually true, because Pap the Widow and Judge Thatcher are all out looking for him hoping not to find a dead body), not getting beat or scolded any more. Some cons would be that he will be alone and he’ll have to learn how to survive on his own. In my opinion I think that Huck made the best choice possible at the time. Huck is very good at adapting to his surroundings and has the skill and intelligence to care for himself. The outcome of Huck’s choice is him canoeing to Jackson’s island and in doing so he finds Jim camping out by

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