What Are The Similarities Between The Iroquois And Choctaw

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Nobody knows the origins of the world was based on two Native American Tribes that focuses the life of the Iroquois and Choctaw. In the Iroquois creation story, “The World on The Turtle’s Back” before the starting point of time, the universe did not have anything; no animals, no humans, nor land in sight. The woman who lives the Sky-World along with her husband removed the roots from the Great Tree which rests on her to fall into the ocean but was saved by animals below Sky-World. In the Choctaw creation story, “Grandmother Spider Steals the Fire” The Great Spirit brought people below the ground to see if there is anything in the dark, but there were no planets or stars. People who were at the powwow did not have heat to cook their food …show more content…

In “Grandmother Spider Steals the Fire” the fire symbolizes to cook food, bring the heat, and shine during the powwow, whereas in “The World on Turtle’s Back” the twins’ mother symbolizes her spirit being awakened from her grave to sprout crops for the public. In the Choctaw creation story, “There was a general discussion, and it was decided that if, as rumor had it, fire was warm and gave light, they should have it too” (Choctaw 5). The Animal, Bird, and Human people thought about introducing the fire to the powwow, but the people from the East had it. So they came up with a plan to gain some access to its warmth. In the same way, the twins in “The World on Turtle’s Back” shoveled the dead body of their mother; however, a variety of goods from the area brought joy to everyone. In the Iroquois creation story, as everything continues to develop, her life was never forgotten “and they dance and sing in the rituals so that the corn, the beans, and the squash may grow to feed the people” (Iroquois 37). People did not have the proper amount of nourishment that was needed for their health. If her heart was not dedicated to society, then nobody would search for anything in the land. The cuisines from the Choctaw and Iroquois use symbolism to help people getting what they

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