What Are The Sisters In Julia Alvarez's In The Time Of The Butterflies

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Brothers and sisters can shape a person's ideas, and even their own personality. Their influence can dictate their perception of the things around them and how it might differ from others. Those new ideas can be beneficial, but also detrimental. In the novel In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez tell a compelling story about the Mirabal sisters who rise up in a time of cruel dictatorship from their government. In the Dominican Republic, a leader named Trujillo oppresses the people of the country hurting everyone who happens to get in his way. It was Minerva, one of the sisters, who spoke out and declared the cruelty the people are faced with. Her passion and leadership is shown from the very beginning as a child. Her influence also carried on to the other sisters making them become more strong in their beliefs. Sadly, the other sisters had plans and their own ideas of how to live their lives. It was Minerva who guided them to the most important problem and together they worked to fix it. Lastly, the…show more content…
She was always the sister who pointed out flaws if something didn’t seem right. She also influenced most of the sisters to be more confident and independent than social norms of that time. If she ceased to exist, the thought of creating some sort of revolutionary group would have never crossed any of the other sisters mind. Each sister had something holding them back. For Dede it was her family, and for Patria it was her religion. It was Minerva who separated the setback the other two sisters had and allowed them to join without any regrets. Minerva was the cause of the rebel group and the inspiration that the sisters needed to fight for their freedom. It was she who broke the ice and guided her sisters away from the distractions of each other's lives and together realigned their goals to defeat their dictatorial
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