What Are The Technological Advances During Ww2

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Final Essay: Technological Advancements in World War 2 and Their Role
Kaylee Wirkus
Bonneville High School
Honors World History
Mr. Pyper
Final Essay: Technological Advancements in World War 2 and Their Role There were lots of technological advancements that came about during World War Two. Four examples of these advancements are artillery, electronics, everyday items and medical advancements. These all were very helpful for the soldiers in World War Two and the civilians they were protecting.
There were many new weapons that were made during World War Two. These helped the people in the war to be able to protect themselves. It gave them better fire power, and more hope of winning the ongoing war. “One of the most infamous World War …show more content…

These new medications helped people to be able to fight the wars rather than the sicknesses going around. One of the medications is the flu vaccine. “The influenza pandemic of 1918 and 1919 had a major effect on World War I, and it motivated the U.S. military to develop the first flu vaccine.” (Little, 2021). Since the flu was so bad at the time the vaccine was especially helpful in the fact that less people would get it and so they could focus more on other things in helping with the war. Another medication developed was penicillin. “Before the widespread use of antibiotics like penicillin in the United States, even small cuts and scrapes could lead to deadly infections.” (Little, 2021). This is why penicillin was such a good thing. Now soldiers didn’t have to worry as much if they got wounded in battle. It also helped the medics out on the field too. “Military surgeons were amazed by how the drug reduced pain, increased the chance of survival and made it easier for nurses and doctors to care for soldiers on the battlefield.” (Little, 2021). Penicillin helped soldiers in many aspects. Not only were scientists able to create the flu vaccine and penicillin but they were also able to find out a way to do blood plasma transfusions. This was used to give people blood when needed. “Unlike whole blood, plasma can be given to anyone regardless of a person’s blood type, making it easier to administer on the battlefield.” (Little, 2021). They would transport it in, “two sterile jars, one with water in it and one with freeze-dried blood plasma” (Little, 2021). Making it easy to help those who needed blood on the battlefield. These treatments were extremely helpful in the health of those all around the

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