How Did Technology Affect World War 1

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The nature of World War 1 was affected by many factors that achieved to alter the way it played out. Two of those major influences were leadership and technology. Although the improvement of war technologies where important. It is believed that leadership had a bigger impact on World War 1 than technologies did. I personally follow that believe.
World War 1 is famous for various things, one of them being the improvements in technology presented in this war. These new technologies that were used in times of war range from weaponry and heavy artillery, through war vehicles to upgrades in communication between troops.
As many people would agree on, the biggest game changer in technology is the machinegun, as this powerful work of art managed to single handedly change the layout of war, and introduced trench warfare as necessary tactic in World War 1. The machine gun would fire out 600 rounds per minute. But the machinegun was the only major improvement as all the other advances in technology were flawed or didn’t have much of an impact for example, tanks. The introduction of tanks to ground warfare was supposed to be revolutionary. This wasn’t precisely the case since the tanks would have troubles when maneuvering through rough terrain and would easily break down. Heavy artillery would be a big back up since 70% of all men in war were killed by heavy artillery, although efficient at killing men, artillery was not precise enough to destroy neither trenches nor bunkers, another

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