Essay On Medical Advances During World War 2

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Although strong and disciplined soldiers are needed for a good army, the medical procedures and the system for saving injured fighters are equally as important. During World War II, many advancements in medical procedures and technologies developed due to the need to counteract the advancing weapons that cause more destruction. However, during World War II, there were less deaths due to infection and bleeding than World War I. This was primarily due to medical and surgical advancements. Although other developments during World War 2 like a more efficient, and better equipment may be important, the developments of bringing medical care to the wounded, making it more accessible, and an advancement in medicine were the most beneficial during …show more content…

Florey and his colleagues at Oxford developed the antibiotic use for the penicillium mold however because Britain was under siege, they did not grant any funding or support. This lead to Florey and his colleagues going to the US for help which they gladly offered. The US gladly granted it and Florey and his colleagues began testing and eventually came up with an antibiotic. They began testing in 1942 and a year later, it entered the war. It was a game-changer because it was universal to many infections and later on, became cheap and abundant. It saved many soldiers from infection and was a major part in cleaning and treating wounds. Penicillin was a reliable antibiotic then, and is still reliable medicine now. It is still popular and used to deal with infections and diseases today. Because of penicillin’s huge positive impact on the medical world from World War II uptil now, posters and encouragement was developed to stimulate more production like the poster to the right. Not only this, but it gave US some economic power because they were the only country who had it. This promoted secret and private partnerships which benefited the US and gave them more power in the economical world. So penicillin not only increased the chances of wounded soldiers’ survival, but it also gave the US some economic power which is why penicillin was one of the most important medical developments during World War

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