What Are The Three Branches Of Government

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When the farmers began with the Constitution their efforts was to divide governmental power. To prevent tyranny they needed to separation of power so this created our three branches, legislative (Congress), judicial (Supreme Court), and executive, (The President). This would mean on one person could lead the country alone and make the laws alone. This is where checks and balances come in, no one branch can gain absolute power and they cannot abuse the power that is given. By separation of power provides a system of shared power and to make sure it is fair and equal to all. The Constitution explain how the three branches of government and the articles explain how each job is carry out their specific jobs, how the checks and balance each other’s power. With the three branches they work together to run our country. The responsibilities for these three distinct branches are limited any one branch from exercising power …show more content…

The Supreme Court will rule whether something is constitution or unconstitutional. There are nine judges, eight associate justices and one chief justice. The judges are nominated by the President and then approved by the Senate. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the national court system. Once a decisions is made it is final, and no other court can overrule those decisions. Also the judicial branch is responsible for interpreting the constitution and laws.
Section three, for a person can be Senator they must be over the age thirty or older, must be a citizen of the United States for nine years. The vice president of the United States can be President of Senate but cannot have a vote, unless they are equally divided. (NA,

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