What Caused 9/11 In Peter Bergen's Could It Happen Again?

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September 11th, 2001, left a devastating impact on not only the United States, but worldwide. Many families had been separated and many souls were lost in what was one of the most terroristic events that has ever happened on American ground. As two planes crashed into the Twin Towers located in New York, thousands of people would be left stuck in the crumbling building, some able to escape, while others were not as lucky. In an essay by Peter Bergen called “Could it Happen Again? In the National Interest”, Bergen highlights inside details of the fatal attack and what caused Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda to reign its terror on the Twin Towers. He explores the text of the Quran and the impact it’s leaving on its people and also brings in an expert in international politics in the Middle East in order to solidify his idea on what really caused 9/11.
Bergen uses logos that includes statistics and analogies in order to explain reasons why Bin Laden attacked the United States the way he did. He states, “According to court documents entered in the trial of Al-Qaeda’s Zacarias Moussaoui, the entire 9/11 operation cost a little over $200,000, a trivial sum …show more content…

“Doran explained that Bin Laden’s followers “consider themselves an island of true believers surrounded by a sea of iniquity and think that the future of religion itself, and therefore the world depends on them and their battle.” Based on Doran’s quote, he believes that the Middle East idolize themselves and think they are chosen to make the world better. By brining in this expert opinion, it solidifies the idea on “God’s will.” Bergen also believes in this idea because he describes the idea as “brilliantly articulated.” This testimony helps draw the reader in and give them the mindset of, “well if an expert believes this, I should as

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