Osama Bin Laden Speech Outline

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Title: Surveillance and the Killing of Osama Bin Laden
Thesis: Despite all efforts to live off the grid and leave no electronic trace behind, Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist on the planet, was located and assassinated at the hands of U.S. Navy Seals. Controversial Technologies played a crucial role in bringing justice to the most wanted terrorist in U.S. history.
I. Osama Bin Laden was the founder of Al-Qaeda, the organization that is responsible for the September 11 attacks on the United States, along with other terrorist attacks against civilian and military targets directed to send a message to the U.S. and anyone else that disagreed with Al-Qaeda through any means necessary.
A. Osama Bin Laden was born in 1957 to a wealthy …show more content…

3) overall 9/11 victim death toll was 2,977 lives lost
III. The hunt for Osama bin laden
A. Capturing Osama Bin Laden consisted of human sources, technical sources and analysts
B. The NSA sent spy satellites and intelligence drones capturing images and eavesdrop on the compound that was believed to be housing Osama Bin Laden
C. No phone lines running into the housing compound or connections to the outside world, hinting to the U.S. that whoever was inside the compound don’t want to be “found”.
D. CIA director requests for a safe house to be located as close to the compound that alerts the CIA and NSA of Bin Laden’s whereabouts.
E. Safe House consisted of normal looking people you would find in the region dressed appropriately to the geographical area and culture so no one would get suspicious. CIA operatives simply blended in to the community. Observing the compounds daily routine.
IV. U.S. President makes decision to kill or capture Osama bin Laden
A. Although no definite proof of Osama Bin Laden’s presence in the compound
B. March 14, 2011, Barack Obama is presented with

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