What Caused The Industrial Revolution

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From the 1750s through the 1850s the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain changed the way people lived because industries needed resources Britain had. The causes of the Industrial Revolution were wealth, natural resources, access to trade from other countries and population growth. The living conditions got worse, child labor was introduced, and workers would cruel punishments some leading to deformities. The industrial Revolution did not lead to the progress for society because it caused non-safe working conditions, accidents at the work factories and people going ill because of the pollution.
In the factories that manufactured and had the new innovations had major pollution.As stated by Frank Forest from a factory boy “about a week after i became a mill boy, I was seized with a stron heavy sickness… which is known by the name of “mill fever.” The mill owners did not maintain a clean and sanitary area. Thus mill workers often suffered from the negative effects of the area. William Dodd stated “one great cause of ill health to the operatives in …show more content…

As William Cobbett claims “men had dropped down dead in the harvest fields… the heat during these days never exceeded eighty-four degrees… Children who are to toil fourteen hours a day, in an average of eighty-two degrees.” The workers were being overworked in the fields and as a consequence they would then die from dehydration or heat exhaustion. John Allett stated “to prepare the wool for the machine; but the strap caught him, as he was hardly awake. It carried him into the machine.” The workers worked very long hours and they would barely even sleep, they would get so weak that if they did get caught in a machine they would not have the strength to be able to help themselves out. If the workers were getting into accidents and the more accidents that happen there would be less people being able to work which will then cause more child

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