What Did The Roman Empire Have To Eat?

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Ancient Rome is a very significant time in history.Romans culture is very different and interesting.I will examine ancient Rome 's food,building and gods.Also major events like the fall of Rome and Pompeii disappearance.To get to know Rome I made 5 questions and found the answers. What was Pompeii and what happened to it?

The city, Pompeii was located in ancient rome, and was used as a large resort city. Disaster struck in 79 AD, and the city was buried under 20 feet of ashes from Mount Vesuvius, a volcano.Pompeii originally settled around the 7th century BC. It was a city used for trading as well as farming. The rich soil from the volcanic eruption made good soil for farming grapes and olive trees. In the 5th century, Roman 's took …show more content…

Romans had a Mediterranean diet.In most of there food they had olive oil,barley and wine.The Patricians could afford to eat beef,pork and fish as well chicken.The poor slaves would eat lentils,vegetables,fruits and eggs.There breakfasts was a simple meal and really light.Lunch was a snack and dinner was a lush and delightful.Dinner was called "Cena".Romans loved there wine and had it every afternoon. Secondary source Primary source

What main buildings did the Romans empire have?

The colosseum is an ancient building in Rome.The colosseum was a large outdoor stadium that could set 50000 people.In the colosseum they had gladiator games,mock battles and chariot racing .Aqueduct was a long channels that is built to carry water.The water was used for drinking,baths and sewers.Baalbek is a grand temple in Rome to worship the God of heaven.There are other main buildings in Ancient Rome like pantheon,amphitheater and many more.

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How did Romans empire end? Primary

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