What Does Flowers Symbolize In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the past years women have been fighting for equal rights, however in the year 1933 it was pushed on to young girls to be a “proper lady” meaning to serve the husband and have a woman’s first interest in the well being of men. The novel To Kill a Mockingbird is about childhood and growing up with Scout. The narrator, Scout has been taught like an adult by her father for her whole life and gender was never a problem with Atticus, he taught her and her brother Jem the same way, yet as she grows up she is pressured to become a proper lady by her peers. We can gather that gender roles are a major part in Scout’s life by the several symbols of women, such as flowers, that show, the theme of gender roles that Harper Lee weaves into To Kill a Mockingbird. The motif of flowers is very important not only because flowers are always associated with women, but it shows the presence of women in scout 's life. For example, Miss Maudie is always fussing over her azaleas, which she tends to with very close attention. She loves Scout and Jem as much as her azaleas and gives them both constant attention. In Scout’s eyes, she seems perfect and is somewhat of a motherly figure for her, because she breaks the gender normality. "Miss Maudie hated her house: time spent indoors was time wasted. She was a widow, a …show more content…

The men in Scout’s life, especially Atticus and Jem, are not the main people that are forcing her into these gender roles. When Atticus is talking to scout or scolding her, gender never had any part in the discussion. The roles that the women are forcing her into are to serve the man, so naturally anyone would think that the men are behind this, however scouts home life proves that wrong. Atticus treats his children the way he would treat any random stranger on the street. “Atticus Finch is the same in his house as he is on the public streets.” The women in Maycomb are the real culprits because they are the only people that treat anyone differently because of their

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