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‘Beauty is not defined by your physical features, it is defined by the heart inside your chest and the love that flows through it.’- Imania Margia. This meaningful quote written by Imania Margia explains the true significance and message shown through both the short story “Barbie” written by Gary Soto, and “Pretty Hurts” sang by Beyonce. The short story, “Barbie” written by Gary Soto presents a young girl named Veronica who learned from a young age that in order to be pretty, you must fit standards and stereotypes- Barbie stereotypes. So, when her uncle gave her a “fake” Barbie, and Veronica was disgusted and disappointed. The next Christmas, her uncle then got her a real Barbie, which then results in Veronica accidentally destroying the Barbie. …show more content…

Throughout the song, we are taken through a journey of the speaker’s inside thoughts, and how she battles with her own conscience. At the end, we are relieved to see her finally see past her outer appearance, and care what is on the inside. So, this text arrives to the theme with a dynamic character of the speaker. In the song, it states, “Plastic smiles and denial can only take you so far, and you break when the fake facade leaves you in the dark,” (Pretty Hurts 31-32). This shows how she was forcing herself to think she was good enough, and how that denial doesn’t last forever. Also, when the mask of fake power fades away, she was never used to being alone and broken. This shows her realizing that you can’t hide the real self away for too long, because in the future, you won’t even know who you are as a person. Later on in the source, it says, “Are you happy with yourself? Yes,” (Pretty Hurts Ending Verse 49-50). During this, she finally comes to realization about who she is, and learns to accept who she is without the “mask”. The whole song, she was debating on if she really was happy with herself, and talked about all of the stereotypes and standards needed to be “beautiful”. She then comes to terms, and accepts herself as who she is. The speaker is a dynamic character in the song. She changes from being filled cold, shiny, hard plastic, to being filled with self …show more content…

The common theme throughout these two sources is, ‘We all need to learn to love ourselves for who we are, and beauty standards do not define the real beauty within our hearts’. This is shown through the symbol/motif of the two Barbies in “Barbie” by Gary Soto, and the dynamic character of the speaker in “Pretty Hurts” sang by Beyonce. All in all, this goes out as a message to anyone struggling, or are upset with their appearance. Beauty is NOT blonde hair, it’s NOT long legs, it’s NOT a skinny waist, but, beauty is most definitely is

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