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In Flannery O’Connor story, “A good man is hard to find”, the main character the Grandmother is described throughout the story as exhibiting negative behavior of selfishness, manipulation, judgment and racism. She also, shows a positive attitude of detail oriented person. The following passage will provide compelling evidence to support my argument. First, the Grandmother is egocentric. At the beginning of the story, she didn’t want to go to Florida, but instead to Tennessee to visit some of her acquaintances. She tries to persuade her son Bailey, despite his disagreement, in order to achieve her own desire. This is one way she acts selfishly, because she tries to change Bailey’s mind for her interest. Another way of her self-centeredness refers to when she points out the so called “Misfit” (O’Connor 112), who is released from Federal Pen, in direction to Florida. She lamently complains that she didn’t want the children to go in any direction with a criminal in it. The Grandmother therefore does it purposely to detour her son’s attention in order to fulfill her benefit rather than caring for …show more content…

As already mentioned at the beginning of the story, she was “seizing at every chance to change Bailey’s mind” (O’Connor 112) regardless of his opposition, which is a clear act of manipulation. Another evidence of her influenceable behavior shows up during her conversation with the chief criminal “I know you are a good man” (O’Connor 121). By this statement, Bailey’s mother tries to influence the Misfit so that he will change his mind. Also, she repeatedly evokes religious belief, as a way to convince the Misfit to “pray” (O’Connor 123), and ask for forgiveness to Jesus Christ. Moreover, failing to achieve her goal, she calls the Misfit “one of my babbies” (O’Connor 125), which upsets him and causes her death. The grandmother consistently does her best to control the situation with no success. She is consequently, an unsuccessful

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