What Does The Color Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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In everyday life and works of literature, color symbolizes a wide variety of emotions to political status. When someone is feeling upset one often says “I’m feeling blue” or when someone is mad their face turns red giving that color the association with anger. Political status even uses color to represent each party, one is usually either a blue democrat or red republican. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, “The Great Gatsby” color plays a significant role throughout the story symbolizing emotions and social rankings. Colors such as green representing hope and money, grey portraying hopelessness and low class along with discontent, and yellow exemplifies destruction and desire. Throughout the novel, the color green is one of the most evident colors used to portray symbolism. Across from Gatsby’s mansion is a green light located at the end of the dock near the Buchanan house. This is the …show more content…

It represents what outer personality that he shows others. The color yellow is similar to gold and represents old money, greediness, and social status. Gatsby surrounds himself with yellow. He believes that decorating himself and house in yellow will signify and show that he is a member of the wealthier status, however yellow, is not gold. The car that he purchases to impress Daisy is the color yellow. “Gatsby’s ostentatious car, which he buys only to impress Daisy, is yellow and the girls dressed in “twin yellow dresses” at Gatsby’s’ party are painted in stark contrast to the “golden” Jordan (Examples of the Symbolism of colors in “The Great Gatsby”).” The yellow car symbolizes Gatsby’s desire to be in a higher class whereas “golden” Jordan symbolizes how valuable she is to Nick as a person. She is as valuable as gold is to the average person. On the other hand, yellow also symbolizes destruction and death. Myrtle, married to George but having an having an affair with Tom is killed by a yellow car symbolizing

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