What Does The Green Light Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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The most obvious symbol is the green light that Jay Gatsby stare at across the water, the green light represent hope. Hope to achieve what he wants, Daisy. Hope to achieve the respect in the elite society to impress and conquer Daisy. Chapter 1 pg. 21


Represents poverty and hopelessness. The Valley of Ashes is a stopping point between West Egg and NYC, it is described as a wasteland of sorts. "This is a valley of ashes - a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens where ashes take the forms of houses and chimneys and rising smoke and finally". chapter 2 pg23.


Gatsby calls Nick "old sport" as a term of endearment. The phrase …show more content…

A certain type of living, old money, generations of family attending these school. Gatsby tries to fit in with this group of people, he cannot blend in, it is as if it is unbelievable. Chapter 3 pg.49


This a symbol of what Gatsby thinks of himself. The car is fast, bright color yellow, expensive, luxurious, Gatsby thought of himself in this way. Gatsby admired his car and wanted Nick to admire it too. Chapter 4 pg. 64


Gatsby's room represented the part of his life that was simple, not a lot of people got to see this part of him and the mansion."His bedroom was the simplest of all" Gatsby's room is simple in comparison with the rest of the mansion. The rest of his house represents his external image, and what other people see when they see him. Chapter 5 pg. 91

THE EYES IF DOCTOR T.J. ECKLEBURG pg. …show more content…

I decided to return to school because I was unhappy with my career. After many years of doing what I loved I fell out of love with my job and it became a task.


This symbolizes a new birth; my son was in a near death accident spent many months in a coma. When my son woke up he was a completely different person. This change in him prompted a change in everyone in our family a new birth, nothing has been the same in our family.


The word positive symbolizes all that implicates good things in my life. I have noticed that when I believe in the power of positivity things go well for me, almost as if I can will good things to happen. I believe in the power of the word of positive


The word negative symbolizes all that implicates bad in my life. I have noticed that when I am in a bad mood all things go wrong. I also believe in the power of the word of negative.

I have never really thought about symbols in my life, until now I had to sit and think about this and how these symbols apply to my

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