What Does The Green Light Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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the most major symbols in the novel The Great Gatsby is the green light that is across the lake from Gatsby's home. This light, to Gatsby, is Daisy; Gatsby longs to see Daisy and after he figures out where Daisy lives he buys the home across the lake from her. The green light represents the love and hope he has and wants to share with Daisy in his future. In the first chapter of the book Gatsby even reaches for the green light as if he believes he can actually touch it. Another major symbol in the novel The Great Gatsby is the sign of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg's eyes. This sign symbolizes the eyes of someone, perhaps God, looking down upon the city and the characters and judging what they do. The symbol first appears in the story in chapter 2 when Tom takes Nick into the …show more content…

Money essentially made Daisy and Tom very careless. Daisy killed Tom's mistress and because her husband has money it is easy for them to pack up their things and never return. They say and do things without really thinking about them and only because they have money does it not ever get them into trouble. Even Nick Carraway who is the least rich among them all moved out East because he knew many people who were in the stock business that became wealthy. The reason for him moving was to have the chance to become wealthy. All the people in this novel did things to either have more money than what they had or did things because they already had money. It made all the characters in this novel extremely greedy. F. Scott Fitzgerald is saying that the power of the past has a lot of power over us. If you sit and think about a happy moment in the past you will always want to go back and relive that moment. This is exactly what Fitzgerald is saying about the power of the past, if you have time to think about this happy moment for a long time you make it as perfect as you can. This is exactly what Gatsby did while he was away at

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