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“Zigzagger” Analytical Lens This essay is a literary analysis of Manuel Munoz’s “Zigzagger” through the lens of feminism. Before examining “Zigzagger”, what does feminism mean to me? In simple terms, feminism is the belief that men and women are equal, and they should have equal right and the same opportunities in life available to men. In recent decades, feminists have been fought to stop men’s sexual violence and exploitation not only against girls and women, but also against boys as women shared their experience of rape and other forms of abuse. Hence, by using the feminism lens this essay evaluates how sexual abuse by masculine men affect and traumatize both genders and how the victims did not want to speak up. Throughout …show more content…

According to West, “some of pedophiles who molest prepubertal children are essentially attracted by smooth, hairless undeveloped bodies and target boys and girls somewhat indiscriminately” (544). In Munoz’s “Zigzagger”, it was stated that the boy’s legs are remarkably smooth, hairless, and cool to the touch and the man in the black clothes and the silver buckle tried to bug the girl and then preyed after the boy (149). This shows sexual abuse can occur without gender differences as perpetrators look after the vulnerability of the …show more content…

For majority of them, the first reaction is to deny that it was happened. And a significant number of victims may believe that the abuse was somehow their fault or that they caused it. The boy knows what he has done, what has happened, and yet, deep inside he believes it could not have been, and when the boy tries to remember the man’s voice, the sound frightens him as he recalls it in broad daylight (151). This shows that for the boy, remembering the assault brings all the trauma back to life. It seems to talk about it causes an immense feeling of embarrassment and shame. As the boy felt this shame, his body looked frozen and shut down because of the trauma he endures, and he was afraid that if he speaks his voice will be very

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