What Francis Said-And Didn T Say-To Congress?

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A couple of weeks ago the Pope spoke for the very first time to the American Congress. Behind his speech, it should be noticeable the contradiction between his liberalist image, which has been seen before when he discussed topics such as homosexuality; and his conservative tone when talking about families, in this specific occasion, for example. As Francis is supposed to, he represented the Catholic Church as an united institution to the modern world; smoothly trying to open the minds of extremists but not crossing border lines. To achieve his main goal, to please as many different mind sets as possible, he left some topics off his speech. Although many people believe he failed to deliver his message by being too neutral, he should not worry …show more content…

According to R.R Reno, Pope Francis ‘omitted’ some ‘tough issues’, like same sex marriage; which the Pope has shown to be opened minded about, to give space to more urgent topics, as he “called for the abolition of the death penalty” (Reno, R.R., "What Francis Said-And Didn 't Say-To Congress”). But if people pay close attention, it is clear that the ‘tough topics’ to deal with, have been created by man. Francis staked a mission to defend, in certain way, God’s will, which is above of what mankind has gotten itself into. A topic of great importance to him is global warming; something that has been incontestably “caused by human activity”, according to him. (Collinson, Stephen and Daniel Barke, “Pope Delivers Political Message on Immigration Tolerance to Congress”). The Pope’s speech was logically impossible to please everyone, but it did “sure[ly] … [please] liberals” among the speech, but also “drew cheers” (Reno, R.R., "What Francis Said-And Didn 't Say-To Congress”) from the Republicans. Overall Francis did followed his roll: to worship worldwide peace within different cultures, sexualities, genders, races, etc; with a modern mindset; presented to many people who should adequate their eyes to what currently really needs to be taken care

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