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Within recent years crime television has made a large impact on the United States. We have many television shows dedicated to showing past crimes, especially murder cases. Along with those television shows, we have many movies to depict major crimes. Hollywood has taken many court cases and created intriguing movies out of them. While creating these movies can be looked at as informative, it can also change the way society views these cases. In order to keep them interesting, and clear cut Hollywood has to change certain facts about the case, which then makes the movie inaccurate. However, there are some movies that Hollywood has been able to keep accurate for the most part. One of those movies is the movie Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in …show more content…

While the Italian court does not publically release all of the information, nor is it translated, there are many sources that followed the case closely, that are able to give and outline of the case. Amanda Knox was a 21 year old foreign exchange student in Italy, who was accused of killing her roommate Meredith Kercher. Knox who was from Seattle was described as a fun, happyish girl (Harris, P.,2009). Amanda and Meredith were considered to be friends, while they had their disputes they still spent most of their time together. Amanda’s friends back home in Seattle believe that she had been wrapped up in a horrible nightmare (Harris, …show more content…

During the time of the trial Amanda’s demeanor changed. On the first day of the trial she walked in smiling (Hooper, J.. 2009). However, at the end of the trial she cries as she tells the court to not put the mask of an assassin on her (Association, P., 2009). The prosecution called forensic specialists to speak on their behalf, to explain the DNA that was found. Raffaele and Amanda were tried at the same time in Italian court. The courts found both of them guilty on multiple charges. Amanda was charged with a 26 year sentence (Timeline: Meredith Kercher murder case., 2016). When seeing how the case was processed in Italy, it is still unclear if the same verdict would have been found if the case was in the United States. Most of the evidence that was used to convict Amanda Knox was not concrete. There was also a large disadvantage to the fact that she was from America, she was not familiar with everything there in the legal system. While she did have Italian lawyers she was not able to assist them in her defense, because she knew so little about their legal

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