Much Ado About Nothing Benedick Analysis

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Kelly Lee
MAAN essay
16 Mar. 2018
Benedick and Beatrice VS Claudio and Hero George Sand once said, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” This quote means love is the only happiness that everyone can have. Both Benedick and Claudio’s relationship in Much Ado About Nothing shows that they both have happiness from their loved ones. Benedick and Claudio’s relationship represent realistic relationships from back then and today. In William Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado About Nothing, Benedick and Beatrice relationship’s represent the most realistic relationship in terms of today’s society compared to Claudio and Hero relationship because Benedick and Beatrice got to know each other before being a couple, they argue …show more content…

Claudio fell in love with Hero right when he laid his eyes upon her. Claudio claims, “In mine eye she is the sweetest lady that I ever looked on (I.i.183-184).” This example shows that Claudio fell in love with her looks, not her personality. Another reason for their unrealistic relationship is Hero fakes her death after being accused of cheating. Shakespeare wrote, “Done to death by slanderous tongues, was the Hero that here lies. Death, in guerdon of her wrongs, gives her fame which never dies. So the life that died with shame lives in death with glorious fame (V.iii.3-8).” This is unrealistic in today’s society due to the fact any other person in today’s world would not fake their own death if they were accused of being a cheater. Ultimately, Hero decided to marry Claudio after he had accused her of cheating. Claudio states, “I am your husband, if you like of me,” and in response Hero states “And when I lived, I was your other wife, and when you loved, you were my other husband (V.iv.60-63).” She shows that she is willing to accept him as her husband and she basically admits that she is still in love with him even after everything that had occured. Due to these events, Claudio and Hero has shown characteristics of a unrealistic

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