What Is Chris Mccandless A Transcendentalist

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4 years after Christopher Johnson McCandless death in the Alaskan wilderness in 1992, Jon Krakauer beautifully depicts every moment of the tumultuous times leading up to Chris’s demise. Fed up with ill intentions of his peers and society, McCandless departs for the dark corners of the country. Since McCandless held nature close to his heart, and preached against the object-oriented society he lived in, Chris can be classified as a contemporary transcendentalist. Chris passionately tries to draw metaphysical connections between himself and nature. In early 1992, an elderly man stumbled upon Chris camping near a hot springs and Chris develops a deep relation with him. The two men develop a mutual relationship because of Franz’s hospitality …show more content…

Chris fits this category like a glove throughout the book. In his final years of highschool, Chris’s parents bought him a yellow Datsun sedan. Chris grew extremely attached to the bucket of rust-on-wheels and becomes belligerent when his parents try to get rid of it. Chris becomes outraged because “[his parents would] try and buy me a car” (21).Only someone with radical ideals would denounce such a genuine attempt to reward hard work. Going along with his transcendentalist notions, Chris makes it his policy to no longer “give or accept gifts” because he feels that it goes against his beliefs (20) .Billie McCandless confesses on Mother’s day 1990 that she hadn't received a gift from Chris in 2 years. Chris demonstrates his denunciation of titles and gifts by turning down a fraternity offer in college as well.Chris proves his warmth towards the vagrants too. Showing compassion towards outcasts is a respectable quality of transcendentalists, and Chris falls into line by “[bringing a homeless man] home… and set the guy up in the Airstream trailer”(113) Chris can’t stand to see someone struggling and would often chat and buy meals for the homeless of Washington. Because he doesn’t favor privilege and wealth, Chris stays true to his beliefs.. These examples clearly prove that Chris falls into line with famous transcendentalists throughout history such as Thoreau, Whitman, Emerson, and Melville. These beliefs led Chris to protest against the “sick society” that he was so fed up

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