What Is Elie Wiesel's Reaction To Night

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Night by Elie Wiesel describes his experiences as a Jew in the concentration camps during World War II. During this time, Wiesel witnessed many horrific acts. Two of these were executions. Though the processes, of the executions were similar, the condemned and the Jews’ reactions to the execution were different. In the first execution, the Jews did not have a strong reaction. The condemned man that the prisoners brought out was a youth from Warsaw. The youth “was a strong, well-built boy, a giant in comparison to me”(Wiesel 59). The young boy began to gaze at the SS guards. The condemned boy was surrounded by thousands of prisoners. The head of the camp began reading his verdict, “In the name of Himmler . . . prisoner Number . . . stole during …show more content…

Three prisoners were condemned to death, the pipel and two other prisoners. The pipel was in a relationship with the Oberkapo, who was transferred to Auschwitz. The Dutch Oberkapo was arrested because he blew up the electric power station at Buna. He was in vain for several weeks and he was never heard of again. The young boy was then sentenced to death by the SS. One day, they saw three gallows in the assembly line. The pipel was in chains and had a very sad look in his eyes. While the head of the camp was reading the verdict, the young boy was getting pale and biting his lip. The gallows, then threw the shadow over the boy. The victims’ necks were placed in the nooses. The adults cried “Long Live Liberty!” (Wiesel 61).The three chairs tipped over and there was complete silence in the camp. Wiesel said, “That night the soup tasted of corpses” (62). I revealed that the Jews had a stronger reaction in the second execution. I think this because the Nazi’s were going to hang three prisoners. The Nazi’s had mounted the three victims together onto the chairs. The victims’ necks were placed in the nooses at the same time. In the first execution, the prisoners helped with the execution. All the prisoners cared about was getting extra soup to

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