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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is set in Northern England during the mid-nineteenth century. Very few opportunities were given to females to work many became governess, as Bronte did herself. Societies were divided by gender and into social classes. Females were to supposed keep to themselves and care for the family while the men protected and provided for the family. The lower social classes had little opportunity to grow, most of them couldn’t afford school. Bronte suggests that women should be free to have feelings, an education, and independence. Bronte expresses her beliefs that females should speak their feelings through Jane Eyre’s dialogue: “I am glad you are no relation of mine; … me with miserable cruelty” (45). In the Victorian era, females were supposed to only speak when spoken to. However, Bronte shows Jane speaking against Mrs. Reed; how she was unloved and injustice for the first time in the novel. This quote shows Jane’s fiery personality and the beginning of her speaking up for her emotions. Jane continues to demonstrate speaking up for her emotions with her relationship with Mr.Rochester and St.John. Not only does Bronte expresses Jane speaking out, she introduces…show more content…
and she doesn’t follow the Victorian social norms."I care for myself. The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustainable I am, the more I will respect myself.” (369). Jane is replying to Mr. Rochester that she doesn’t want to be his mistress; that she wants to be his wife or nothing at all. She decided to leave Mr.Rochester because she knows if she doesn’t leave him, she will be accepting his proposal for to be his mistress. “ Reader I married him.” (520). Bronte chose the “I” to represent that Jane decided, not anyone except for her. Her choice conveys Jane as a progressive character who choose to get married without society and a male telling her what to do. She decided for

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