Thornfield's Influence On Jane Eyre

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Thornfield was a completely different world for Jane. It was a major change physically and socially, as a governess she had more opportunities and duties to fulfill. Jane was not intimidated by what was expected of her, yet she was excited to see what the future at Thornfield had in store for her. The power of love was unavoidable for Jane, “The claims of her former love prove stronger than her sense of duty to that honorable but emotionally shallow Rivers” (Moss 3). Rochester was a major influence on Jane as this was a critical time she was maturing, yet she did not let him get in the way of her work. The work that was expected of her what always her top priority, Rochester was her second. “I believe he is of mine;—I am sure he is,—I feel akin to him,—I understand the language of his countenance and movements: though rank and wealth sever us widely, I have something in my brain and heart, in my blood and nerves, that assimilates me mentally to him” (Bronte 266). The relationship between Rochester and Jane was undeniable. Love and trust was not always something that came easy to Jane, but it was something real between the both of them she could not ignore. Their relationship brought happiness and comfort to Jane …show more content…

In the beginning, she is deprived of education, love and appreciation of her presence which ultimately is her prime reasoning of taking off to be successful. Her experience at Gateshead was nothing more than miserable, she fought for what she needed and grew out of her comfort zone to stick up for herself. The strict rules and limits to freedom was not something Jane could handle for much longer, starting with the false accusations said by Brocklehurst of Jane. Brocklehurst is one of the many obstacles Jane fights to become happy and successful. She did not let him control how she envisioned her future life, rather she became even more passionate to prove how much of a cruel master he was. Jane

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