What Is Karl Marx's Response To The Communist Manifesto

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Response paper to Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, (1848) ‘The Communist Manifesto’ ‘The Communist Manifesto’ was written by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Hence, Karl Marx is known as a father of communism. According to English Oxford Living Dictionaries, the word ‘Manifest’ means to make a strong political statement . In general, the style of book is political and philosophical. This book is famous not as academic book, but rather as a strong political book. It says about important things that are moving people. Marx gives the image of preferable and free society without class antagonism. ‘The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.’ The reader starts to disclose ‘The Communist Manifesto’ with this awesome quote. The content of this quote changes person’s view about the history. Usually, history is about the different wars. Whereas, the author says actually wars are more about class struggles (dominator and dominated) rather than between states. Consequently, the purpose of this book is to promote the communism and call for revolution. …show more content…

separation of society into Bourgeoisie and Proletariat .The ‘Historical material dialectics’ is the dilemma that Communism wish(es) to solve. This process means the clash of opposites i.e. A fight with B and as a result C is created. However, the most interesting and surprising thing is that authors actually appreciate what Bourgeoisie did. Bourgeoisie changed the world, values and ideas that humans had. Thanks to capitalism there is no more laziness. It forces all to work, because ‘to work’ equals ‘to live’. Capitalism broke(s) the system of Middle Ages and even more developed industrialization. Industry makes people’s job easier and number of produced stuffs has increased. Some may ask’ why they call for revolution, if the bourgeoisie is not

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