What Is Millie's Materialism In MIW1

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(MIP-2) As a perfect women of society, Millie demonstrates this emphasis on materialism and how that has lead her to be selfish and isolated from those around her. (SIP-A) Millie only cares about her belongings, not other people. (STEWE-1) Millie grew up in this city, surrounded by these people, and was influenced by this society. She was taught values that Montag can’t understand. Millie lives her life in a certain, specific way every day. The world around her is cruel and wicked, but she does not see it. Instead she sees a television, and some clowns making each other laugh. Millie copes with the world in a similar way to everyone else, through focusing on stuff. Unfortunately like the world she is in, she has her faults and struggles, to …show more content…

All Millie cares about is what material objects she has, and does not have. (SIP-B) Millie’s materialism also leads to division in her relationships. (STEWE-1)Millie’s thinking does not only hurt Millie, it hurts her marriage. Millie’s desire to fill the void that is inside her with material objects, and constant pursuit of this, makes it so that there is no room left for Montag. Millie is so full of materialism, selfishness, and drugs, that no light can shine through to Montag. A large part of the materialism in this society is subconscious, they do not realize what is happening around them as a result of their action. However, Montag does recognize how his wife’s motives are affecting his life. In the midst of marital frustration he voices this, Well, wasn’t there a wall between him and Mildred, when you came down to it? Literally not just one wall but, so far three!” (41). Millie is a part of the societies devotion to stuff. While this dreadful trait may be prevalent in most members of society, it is not in Montag. Montag does not have this trait that focuses on material possessions, and Millie

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