What Is Publius's Argument For The Constitution Of The United States

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Eleven scores and ten years ago the Framers of our fine country gave birth to a new documentation system of government which still holds deep roots today. They called it the constitution of the United States. Some of what this document laid out is the framework for divvying up the powers at be in the federal government as well as the state government, it tackled majority ruling, and promoted equality for all citizens. Before this, however, three wise men who were deeply involved in politics and were worried about the future direction that the country was going in decided to come up with eighty-five what they called Federalist papers that would help ratify a new constitution. These three men are Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay more formally known as Publius. …show more content…

Some would say that these papers were enormously helpful for the creating of the constitution. Does this mean though that Publius’ arguments for the new constitution are plausible? Well according to Robert Dahl former President of the American Political Science Association author of the well-known novel How Democratic Is the American Constitution his argument is that the Framers were not at fault that because of their time period they could not know what would transpire in the future and that because of the compromises they had to make it made ratifying a constitution even more difficult. Dahl has a better argument over the Federalists because they were limited by their time and had ample knowledge on how a full-fledged democracy should

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