What Is The Theme Of Redemption In The Kite Runner

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In the novel Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, displays the struggles of Amir’s childhood to earn back his redemption for the acts against him. Amir had been a disappointment to his father Baba who had because he has not lived up to Baba 's standards. Through the start of the novel redemption seems unreal after the horrific event of the rape scene, but events flip and turn towards the positive side of the need for helping others. Amir who had betrayed his brother Hassan during the horrific rape scene, not fighting back save his life, realizing what he had done wrong in that situation. To earning what had been missing in the redemption to show Hassan who he really was he goes back to Kabul to save his nephew, who had been Hassan 's son. Through …show more content…

Amir had known that he had not been the type of son that he had wanted him to be, but he had recognized and wanted to fight back for the love that he deserves towards his father Baba. Amir, a writer; writing many stories asking many people to read his stories and offer feedback to him. He had always wanted Baba to read his stories, but was not always interested in them and offering Rahim Khan to read them instead. Amir querying Baba to read his stories but responds with nothing except being rescued by Rahim Khan and suggesting, “ Yes give it to Kaka Rahim. I am going upstairs” (32). Baba showing his ignorance towards his son, who has not grown to his expectations. Baba showing no love for his son, making Amir think poorly about a weak relationship between him and his father have. Downstream Amir trying to earn back to win the battle of the kite game they play in Kabul, where people cut each other 's kites and last one standing win. Amir then states, “ I was going to win, and I was going to run the last kite. Then I would bring it home and show it to Baba. Show him once and for all that his son is worthy” (60). Winning the kite tournament all he needs to show is the hard work that he puts into his work to show his dad who he really is, and not who he thinks he is. Amir believes that he does not like him until he does something that makes Baba happy for what he did. As time went on things events have flipped and Amir is able to redeem his love back, making him the son that his father thought he

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