What Is The Difference Between Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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The poem Gawain and the Green Knight, portrays a vivid imagery of the Arthurian period revolves around the quest of a knight to keep his honor. It was Christmas at Camelot, where King Arthur 's court have gathered to celebrate New Year 's Eve feast. However, Arthur asks first to hear of a marvelous adventure story before the meal. As if on cue, a knight with emerald-green skin bursts in. The poem depicts the green knight to be a “half-giant” with a green complexion. Furthermore, the knight survives the decapitation by Sir Gawain making him a frightening creature. In my opinion, the knight resembles the nature. The green guise may be a result of growth of algae. It has been seen that algae can grow on body of some animals such as sloth. His

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