Guinevere Essays

  • Farewell Of Lancelot And Guinevere Character Analysis

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    Queen Guinevere is one of the main characters from the well known Arthurian legends. She is a Scottish princess who marries King Arthur of England and becomes his Queen. She is most commonly known for committing adultery with Sir Lancelot, who is one of King Arthur’s knights. The Knight of the Cart, written by Chrétien De Troyes during the Middle Ages, this legend is about how Sir Lancelot goes on a quest to rescue Guinevere, and their infamous night together in her bed. The poem by W.E.B. Henderson

  • Describe The Relationship Between Lancelot And Guinevere

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    A look into the private affair of Lancelot and Guinevere. Lancelot, King Arthur’s greatest companion. Guinevere the wife of Arthur. Lancelot and Guinevere’s relationship was full of betrayal, death, and sacrifice. Although no one, not even Guinevere was aware, Lancelot was developed a liking to her. He would continuously flirt her with her when ever he was given the opportunity. Guinevere ignored his flirting because she knew a relationship between them was forbidden but, in the end she could not

  • Lancelot, The King Of The Cart Analysis

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    throughout history. In Lancelot, the King of the Cart, by Chreitien de Troyes (1984), there is talk about Guinevere and Lancelot are coming together and their life after Lancelot saves Guinevere. This story focuses more on the relationship of the two, how Lancelot feels about Guinevere, and the journey up until they are finally together. Likewise, Lancelot thinks about his love for Guinevere all day, no matter where he is. When he is at a tourney and he returns to “his prison,” he is still thinking

  • Sir Lancelot In Jerry Zucker's First Knight

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    portrayal of Sir Lancelot. Sir Lancelot is a character who is a nomad before being taken in by King Arthur after he displays a great amount of courage through overcoming a treacherous gauntlet-styled obstacle course and by going out of his way to save Guinevere after she was kidnapped by Sir Malagant. He does not fight nor think like a traditional knight, preferring to use his speed, intelligence, and courage to win his battles as opposed to his strength like a traditional knight would. He exemplifies

  • King Arthur Hero's Cycle Essay

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    Mordred is a very despicable guy to trust, so when King Arthur leaves him in charge, his plots were getting crazier and crazier. Then he tried to take queen Guinevere with him and marry her, but luckily, she broke from him. Then tried coming into The tower of London and tried to get her out, but was to hard. On p.368, it says," After the battle of Dover, Mordred had fled away in defeat. Then on p. 373, King Arthur

  • Guinevere's Relationship With Lancelot

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    Guinevere is a dynamic character that influences the whole Arthurian Legend story. In Guinevere, an entry in the Encyclopedia of World Mythology, Guinevere is the symbol of loyalty and betrayal, while in Alfred Tennyson’s Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere Guinevere’s life is only described through her relationship with Lancelot. Both sources are used to show how Guinevere’s relationship with Lancelot tore apart the Arthurian kingdom. Guinevere’s character has changed over time because in the earliest

  • Was King Arthur Noble Or Chivalrous?

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    a leader is someone who protects the interests of his people. In Chrétien De Troyes’ poem, “Yvain, the Knight of Lion,” De Troyes describes an incident where King Arthur, while at his court, suddenly left everyone in the court and ran to Queen Guinevere. De Troyes also mentions that the knights of the Round Table have not been following the Code of Chivalry, which reflects poorly on Arthur’s leadership. Arthur’s followers perceive this as Arthur quitting on them. Before Arthur gets to the queen

  • Examples Of Chivalry In King Arthur

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    The Arthurian Code: Chivalry “Chivalry is dead” is a very common phrase, however what does it actually mean? This famous saying refers back to the time of King Arthur in the Middle Ages. In order to be a knight, one had to follow the Arthurian Code of Chivalry. The word chivalry was used to describe what a perfect knight would be, and the code outlines the basic understanding of how a knight should act. The regulations assigned the ethics and morals that a knight had to attain, and the rules were

  • Lancelot: The Most Noble Knight

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    strength and bravery, his loyalty and devotion to Guinevere, and because of his friendship and faithfulness towards Arthur. Lancelot is a very fierce and brave warrior who completes all of his quests, and defeats all enemies that get in his way. He will do whatever it takes to successfully complete his quests, or to save civilians or the important people in his life. No matter who or what comes Lancelot’s way, he always remains loyal to his lover Guinevere, who he treats like the queen she is. Their relationship

  • Themes In Lancelot, The Knight Of The Cart

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    de Troyes, is romance. Of a knight who fell in love with Queen Guinevere, of whom is married to King Arthur, and who Lancelot was sworn to protect, and to always tell the truth; even if this meant costing their lives. Thus, creating a dilemma for a normal person, but Lancelot would have no trouble doing everything it takes even risking his life multiple times to be with who he loves. Lancelot would prove his love to Queen Guinevere by doing everything that she would ask of him, showing that only

  • Lanval And The Theme Of Love

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    The Story of Lanval and the Theme of Love Love is a powerful theme in many stories and shows what one will do for love. It is and emotion that is quite strong, and many will stop at nothing to seek love. Love knows no boundaries and it does not matter if you are rich, poor, old, or young, it will find a way to come into different people’s lives. One of the stories we read was “Milun” by Marie De France and shows countless examples of how powerful love actually is. I chose to write about another

  • The Hero In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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    Not all heroes are perfect, but some are nobler than others. In the story of Sir Gawain, we find out that even legends, such as Sir Gawain made mistakes. In today’s time, most heroes are thought of as militaristic accomplishments, such as badges, wars won, and saving lives. Sir Gawain was a hero, not because of great accomplishments but because he was driven by his bravery, nobility, and virtue. In the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, we begin in King Arthur’s court at a Christmas feast

  • Sir Gawain's Code Of Honor In The Wedding Of King Arthur

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    There was once a time where knights were meant to be the epitome of chivalry; they symbolized honor, courage, justice and much more. However, not every knight matched the narrative of what a true knight should be. One way to teach people a certain value is through exemplary texts such as, “The wedding of King Arthur”. This story uses the knights and their actions to instruct the reader to be honorable by punishing the, shameful, dishonorable knights while rewarding the true and honorable one hence

  • Women In Lord Tennyson's The Lady Of Shalott

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    that once it is divulged, it attracts social repercussions, meaning her death. Her death may be seen as a warring for all the untraditional points of view. Sir Lancelot is a symbol for temptation and lustful desires, as he had an affair with Queen Guinevere. Being allured by the shadow of Sir Lancelot, Lady of Shalott forgets about the curse and looks down to Camelot. After being ideologue with purity and chastity, she brakes free from her established destiny and is caught by the moment, which was an

  • Femininity In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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    Femininity has always been directly related to masculinity. Whether they are building off of each other or tearing each other down, they are usually being compared in some way. Usually, the argument is over which has more power. Writings in these time periods were usually oriented around the masculine construct. However, there are a few distinct works that break the norms and give us insight on how femininity was constructed in those time periods. The concept of femininity and power through the Anglo-Norman

  • Chretien De Troyes Lancelot Analysis

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    In the opening scene of Chretien De Troyes Lancelot or the Knight of the Cart the knight is not present. King Arthur and Kay are tricked into giving away the Queen in order to have knights, ladies, and damsels who belong to his dominion returned. As Lord Gawain goes on his adventure he is greeted by the knight. His name is not yet revealed and his identity is not immediately known to Lord Gawain. He does not speak of the King or is mentioned in relation to the King. His self-made mission is to return

  • Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Literary Analysis

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    Medieval romances were characterized by the adventures of a young hero, often knights or other nobility, as he endured a difficult quest. Perhaps the most well-known works of this genre were those pertaining to King Arthur and his court. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight meets almost all the criteria of this genre, Gawain endures a quest and has the right motives for doing so, but he does not always behave the way he should. Honorable behavior was a key attribute for every protagonist that found its

  • Arthurian Legend In English Literature

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    Arthurian Legend plays a major part of literature, and a major role in these legends is the ominous Merlin. The original legends were constantly changing to create the image we see today of not only Merlin but many of the characters in the legend. In the 21st century, many movies and TV shows portray Merlin as a powerful wizard whose sole purpose is to mentor and protect King Arthur, so he can one day rule Camelot. However, Merlin’s story is much more complex: Merlin “embodie[s] ancient Christian

  • Victorian Women In Goblin Market

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    A New Type of Victorian Women In her poem “Goblin Market” Christina Rossetti offers a social critique of the rigid categories of women in the Victorian period; Rossetti’s poem draws upon the notion of “the angel in the house”- the ideal Victorian woman who is dedicated to her husband, submissive, and ‘pure’. To assert her critique, Rossetti incorporates the concept of “the fallen woman”- an impure woman who has “fallen” from her “angel” position resulting from sexual transgression. Concurrently,

  • Why Is Chivalry Important To Me

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    Chivalry is a big task to take one for most people there are many types of codes of chivalry like caring, compassion, belief in others are some to get you thinking about some codes of chivalry. One code of chivalry that I go by in life is dedication. There have been many challenges that have come along in my life with these codes. How did this value change me? This value of dedication that I take in life has changed me because it made me see in life who are my true friends and who are friends who