What Is The Dystopia In Fahrenheit 451

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In modern day society, there is no possibility of a utopia, if one were to be created someone's dystopia would be created. Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury, is a novel that explains that there will always be a dystopia, but people can do what they can to make it better, the relates to modern day society because the same lesson can still be taught. Author Ray Bradbury discusses in his dystopian novel, that the laws the futuristic world are very hard to follow, talking or even thinking is in some ways banned along with books being burned. Modern day society has a lot of rights compared to Montag’s dystopian world which is filled with rules such as being a pedestrian. There is a law about being a pedestrian in the novel, Fahrenheit 451, …show more content…

A society restricting books because they were said to contradict each other and argue with each other. For instance, in Fahrenheit 451, the protagonist Guy Montag lives in a society with no books, this world is imperfect to him because he wants to read books, “we let the firemen keep the book 24 hours, if he hasn’t burned it by them, we simply come burn it for him” (Bradbury 59). In other words, Montag lives in a society that is imperfect, a dystopia, so Montag has to try to make his society better for himself. However, America allows the freedom of books, freedom of speech, which is unlike Montag’s society and this freedom is because that is what America stands for the freedom to have freedom. Additionally, America has freedom and there shall be no law against the freedom of speech, Congress has made this law so America can have the right to express any opinions without any restrictions. Moreover, the law is unlike Montag's society, America has allowed books to be written and read, also America may not be a Utopia but people have made it possible to be one, unlike Montag’s. The books society consists of no books which is a dystopia, an imperfect world while America is allowed books which does not make it a perfect society but it is closer to a

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