What Is The Father Son Relationship In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The story of Elie Wiesel, his father and the other father son relationships. All of the fathers come and try to stay with their son as long as they can. They love them and they would die every day if they had to. The fathers, they try and give their sons everything just because how they live or even because they are alive a well. Their sons, deep down they love their father’s, but on the outside, they all just want to die. The burning of anybody dying, they just want to die too. Except for two of them.
The man who stole bread and his son- So the son’s father just wanted to keep himself and his son alive, but the son wanted his father died. I honestly don’t think that the son wanted his father dead, nevertheless, I truly believe that he would have done everything in his power to stay alive. If the father didn’t have bread, then yes, he might still kill him, moreover, I assume that he would want him alive. The father was genuinely weak, so he would have died that day or two. After the son killed his father he ate the bread, but suddenly died. Two men started to beat the son up for the bread. Even though the son killed his father, it’s worse than running away from your own father. …show more content…

Rabbi was so concerned about his son that he didn’t really care what happened to him. Nevertheless, he asked everyone if they have seen his son anyplace there. Elie said no he hasn’t seen his son. Although Elie did remember himself, seeing Rabbi Eliahou’s son. Elie remembered that when they were running Rabbi’s son was running beside him. Rabbi’s son saw his father fall down, but kept running. He thought that if he went to go help his father then that would slow him down so he left him there. Rabbi Eliahou did that to free himself from an encumbrance which could lessen his own chance of

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