What Is The Mood Of The World In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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1. Physical World of the play: The world in the play is mainly exterior, meaning that it is a built world. The world was set to be in the woods outside of Athens, and also inside of the city of Athens. Its made to portray a magical and mythical world that has creatures that are supposed to be only in our dreams and fairytales. Time in the play goes by awfully slow, because there is so much that happens throughout the play, such as being put under the spell of Oberon and Puck placing the love spell on Lysander’s eyelids instead of that of Demetrius, but when the cast comes back together it only seems as if a matter of hours has passed by. The mood of the world in the play would be gloomy. I believe that the mood of the world is gloomy because there are customs that the characters …show more content…

Social World of the play: The power relations are very open, Duke Theseus listens to what is subjects have to tell him, but when it comes to what should be done, he makes the final decision to what happens and to him it seems that his rules or choices seem fair. Those in the play that have power are the Duke of Athens, the parents of Hermia, and the Duke and Queen of the Fairies. Those who don’t have power are those who are the subjects of the Dukes and queen of the land and the fairy world. The social world in this play seems to be like that of a monarchy because they must take their problems to the ruler of the land and have their input on the situation, instead of them deciding on their own. Also it seems like a monarchy because majority of the decisions are selected by the head person in charge, which in this case seems to be Duke Theseus. For example, when Egeus demands that his daughter marry Demetrius because he is of better class than Lysander, this situation is brought forth to Duke Theseus, he questions Hermia to see what she would want to do and why she would want this, then tells Hermia to take into account how others will look at her, and for her to examine her blood

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