Earl Warren: The Supreme Court Chief Justice

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EARL WARREN 2 Earl Warren: Warren was one of the greatest Supreme Court Chief Justice of the decade due to his loyalty to the US government and his truth to the people. Warren always put the people's votes first, and not caring about his “party's” beliefs. Warren had his own beliefs on a government outlook upon what the people needed instead of the government using government intentions. Earl Warren never always lived in fame he grew up in a small place. Warren came from Norwegian immigrants (“The Supreme Court”, 2006). Warren was also born in Los Angeles, but grew up in Bakersfield (“The Supreme Court”, 2006). Every summer Warren worked on railroads to save money for college (“The Supreme Court”, 2006).Warren…show more content…
During Warren's third term as governor in 1953 President Dwight D. Eisenhower nominated the former DA to be Chief Justice (“Earl Warren Biography”, n.d.).Warren quickly won Legislative approval and became leading Judge (“Earl Warren Biography”, n.d.). He was also known for being a liberal and judicial activist (“Earl Warren Biography”, n.d.). Warren won every election he was in. He then began his campaign for district attorney of Alameda County, California in 1925 (Aaseng,1992). Warren was district attorney for fourteen years (Aaseng,1992). Warren had a record of efficient able prosecutions discouraged any challenger that wanted to try against him (Aaseng,1992).Warren had no real opponent from 1930 to 1934 (Aaseng,1992). Warren's children and wife had been pressured by former politics.Nina a widow Warren married in 1925 (Aaseng,1992). Nina had 6 children with Warren (Aaseng,1992). Nina didn't want any complications while raising their children from any politician's (Aaseng,1992). After four years of being smothered by state's Democratic governor Culbert Olson…show more content…
Warren land marked case of his tenure was Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka (“Earl Warren”, 2009). Warren also land marked was Gideon V. Wainwright (1963) (“Earl Warren”, 2009). He also made fairness in criminal proceedings also led to MappV. Ohio (1961) (“Earl Warren”, 2009). He was not for illegal seized evidence on the case Mirand V. Arizona (1966) (“Earl Warren”, 2009). He made controversial calls years later when he advocated for the internment of Japanese Americans in California during WWII (“Earl Warren Biography”, n.d.).. Held court for JFK’s assassination and did lots of detective work. Warren ran an investigation for JFK’s assassination from 1963-1964 (“Earl Warren Biography”, n.d.). Warren was also asked by president Lyndon B. Johnson to serve on the investigation committee known as the Warren Commission (“Earl Warren Biography”, n.d.). Investigators asserted that Kennedy had been killed by one man named Lee Harvey Oswald (“Earl Warren Biography”, n.d.). After 16 years behind a desk Warren retired from the Supreme Court in 1969 (“Earl Warren Biography”,
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