What Is The Relationship Between The Great Gatsby And The American Dream

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F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the novel, “The Great Gatsby”, with the concept of “The American Dream”. For most Americans, “The American Dream”, is the idea of freedom, wealth, equality and opportunity. But F. Scott Fitzgerald manages to define all of the characters in his novel through the use of literary devices and symbols. Also, Fitzgerald explains how each character, even with their wealth; never seem to have their “America Dream”. Daisy Buchanan is characterized as a “Golden Girl”. She has inexhaustible charm. She is wealthy, with old money, and married to Tom Buchanan. In this novel she met Jay Gatsby, five years before she met Tom, and she fell in love with Mr. Gatsby. In accordance to the novel, Gatsby had joined the military to better himself in order to provide for Daisy. They kept in touch by mail, reminding each other of their love, but when the war escalated the letters stopped. Daisy met Tom Buchanan, a wealthy man from oxford with old money and they planned to marry. On the day of their marriage, Daisy received a letter from Jay Gatsby. In the novel, the content of the letter are never revealed, but it made her upset. Her family influenced Daisy to marry Tom. In the movie, the letter is explained; Jay Gatsby told Daisy to wait for him and that he was still in love with her. Daisy wanted to call off the wedding, and …show more content…

Daisy realizes she could have married Gatsby if only she she’d waited for him like he asked. Gatsby pressures Daisy to tell Tom she is leaving him and to tell him she was never in love with him, only Gatsby. In fear Daisy would lose everything, Daisy never told Tom. In this scene, Daisy is upset about the meeting she had with Tom and Gatsby, and leaves with Gatsby back home. Daisy commits murder, she runs over, Myrtle, Toms mistress. Gatsby is so enamored of her that he takes responsibility for the crime, which ultimately leads to his

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