What Is The Relationship Of The Beast And Beauty And The Beast

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Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale that have many motifs similar to others. For example, in terms of plot, one, begin the story with the difficulties that the protagonist has to face. He or she has to be nice and patient. Like Beauty, she is a good girl who sacrifices herself to go to live with the Beast instead of her father; as a result, she saved her father’s life. Two, the end of story usually ends with marriage and a happy ending. Beauty’s goodness and kindness she finally married with the good guy. In terms of characterization, the character of the protagonists or antagonists teach readers. To know and show what is good or bad things happening in the story and what are results about that action. Beaumont’s “Beauty and the Beast” also share things in common with Carter’s “The courtship of Mr. Lyon,” that they are quite same the most. On the other hand, they have different appearances of the Beast and setting. Beaumont’s “Beauty and the Beast” shows that Beauty reserve to marry with the handsome prince whereas Carter’s “The courtship of Mr. Lyon” show one man who still looks like lion should be her husband too. Beaumont’s setting takes place in the old days where most merchants run the business in the sea and another takes place in London, city in Europe. This work will discuss about the contrasting between both of two versions. Beaumont’s “Beauty and the Beast” wrote in the long past ago or it might be the first version of classic one. In this version, at the end

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