What Is The Role Of Child Labor In The Late 1800s

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The Industrialization had bloom during the late 1800s early 1900s. This big growth was a positive and negative impact in the United States history. This began the devastating practice of child labor. Children would work in factories for very long hours be paid very low wages or not even be paid. According to Harold Goldstein, ‘’it had been accepted as a norm, employment of young children gradually came to be viewed as harmful and exploitative in the United States.’’ The evolution of the United States Industrialization began child labor, which forced children to live very different lives than children live today. The United States Industrial Revolution was a predominantly agrarian period that gave power to the people. Lewis Hackett remarks, “The Industrial Revolution came gradually. It happened in a short span of time, however, when measured against the centuries people had worked entirely by hand.” It was a good beginning for the Americans, after years of gaining there independence on Britain. According to Lewis Hackett,” the Industrial Revolution grew more powerful each year as new inventions and manufacturing processes added to the efficiency of machines and increased productivity. Indeed, since World War I the mechanization of industry has increased so enormously that another …show more content…

Children had suffered greatly; if they did not do, what they were asked to the resolution was to whip them in special “whipped rooms.” Children today do not appreciate the little parts of their childhood. Complaining of going to school or doing a simple chore, today world just they spend their free time in electronic device or too busy trying to grow up. Children during the industrial revolution lost their childhood by working all day for long

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