What Is The Role Of Demetria Infested In David's Home

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Per Reporter: The house is junky; the living room, the children bedrooms and the kitchen are crowded with things. The children sleep in the living room except for MI-Kiya & Jahlil. MI-Kiya sleeps in a crib and Jahlil lives with her father (Jay). The house is roach infested. Demetria is always under the influence of alcohol around the children. Ida is aware of Demetria being under the influence. Demetria and her husband (David) are separated, the divorce process is pending. There are no current custody arrangements for their daughter (MI-Kiya). David and Demetria verbally agreed upon visitation with MI-Kiya upon David’s request. Demetria and MI-Kiya arrived at David’s home 3/12/18 before he went to work. Demetria left David’s home 3/13/18; she
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