What Is The Theme Of Once More To The Lake By E. B White

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“Once More to the Lake” by E. B. White describes the author's memories and experiences of visiting a lake in Maine. In the beginning, the author describes his memories of a lake that he had visited as a child. He was extremely descriptive, including several details about his time at the lake. He wrote about venturing back to the lake with his son after countless years of living by the sea.
The author reminisces about his time at the lake with his family as a child and pictures the things that may have changed over the years. White describes his emotions through several different senses, proving just how much he had enjoyed his previous trips. He then reaches the point of arrival and compares all of the changes previously mentioned. He determines …show more content…

He describes certain memories of fishing on a boat where nothing has changed from when he was young. Claiming that he was in the same boat with the same fishing rods and dragonflies, White has convinced himself that no time has passed since he was a kid.
After bringing himself back into the present, White shares how he and his son caught two fish and brought them back. Once they finished their lunch, they went swimming in the lake, and White noted the differences between the lake and the sea which he lives by. He did this by mentioning how the shore was where he left it; not receding compared to the ocean. Once again, White thinks back to his previous visits, stating that nothing has changed. From the swimmers to the minnows, everything was the same.
The one difference that disturbed the author was the motor boats. When he was young, there were quiet motor boats that hummed and purred along the lake. On his more recent visit, there were modern boats, which were far noisier than what he remembered. During his trip, there was a thunderstorm. White wrote about the feelings that the campers would experience before and during the storm, and how they would all celebrate by swimming in the rain once it was over. To wrap everything up, White wrote about his son putting on cold swimming trunks, and how he could almost share the

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