What Issues Prompted Frontier Hotel And Restaurant Workers To Take Strike Action

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What issues prompted Frontier hotel and restaurant workers to take strike action? Many questions prompted employees at the Frontier Hotel to take action by striking. When watching this documentary for the first time, I did not realize how long these workers were on strike. One word to describe the owners of these hotels is "savages". They started to fire individuals for no apparent reason because the owners wanted to cut back. There was one girl that worked in the culinary department for eight years, and she was let go. The hotel also took away health insurance benefits, pension contributions and cutting employee wages to save money so they can make a profit by making employees work next to nothing. Many workers said they felt their …show more content…

These employees wanted to make a point across all of the Nevada. One tactic that helped these employees win their strike was getting noticed across the state by walking thirty miles across the desert every day. They walked from Nevada to Los Angeles. This was a very smart strategy hoping this would make much attention from these employees by getting recognition from the whole state of Nevada. One employee said, "no one is doing what needed to be done". Let alone, from all that walking these workers were doing, they stopped at a local bar. Everybody that was there had Mac truck hats and asked them if they were those picketers from Nevada. It turned out most of the people in that bar were cement finishers that were also on strike. After all the commotion these unions came together as one to fight for their rights. Another tactic the workers used to shame the Elardi family was legal challenges. Exposing what benefits they were taking away from the workers, for example, health insurance benefits, pension contributions and lowering …show more content…

The frontier was on a strip of Vegas, which brought much attention, exposure and certifications of other hotels along the strip. This opened up much opportunity to get this strike noticed not only people but also getting media coverage to uncover the real truth behind this family by this union strike. My second source of power is social. Donations of other unions were a great way of support. Other union members were bringing food for the workers and people on the picket line in support of the strike. Politically the Workers had much support. The workers brought the Governor of Nevada out in support of their strike. The workers brought to his attention on how the Elardi family has done them wrong and by doing so, this led all their complaints under investigation. Last but not least was the economic power these employees had for being on the picket line for six years. This shows that the workers had much support from the state, and they were not going to back

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