What Role Did Manifest Destiny Play In Westward Expansion

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America’s urgency and continuous interest to expand Westward helped drive the idea of “Manifest Destiny” within the budding nation. Within the early 1800s Americans believed that it was right and justified to expand west and claim the unorganized area to the west. Manifest Destiny helped to drive the young and evolving nation of America by creating changes within its political system, its societal ideologies, and its ever-expanding economy. In the late 1700s to early 1800s politics was mainly influenced by the realm of the wealthier, upper class; politicians would attempt to grab the attention and endorsement of men who owned large amounts of land and money. However, in 1828, a man named Andrew Jackson decided to run for president of the …show more content…

During this time, President Andrew Jackson made agricultural investment one of his top political priorities. This proved to be a strong strategic decision as the country’s Westward expansion cleared a large amount of area that became viable for the farming of crops and animals. This new access to viable farmland proved to be a significant revenue generator for both farmers and the government, shifting the nation’s economic focus from imports to agriculture. This economic shift damaged some political relationships with other nations because of decreased need to import different resources. Westward expansion did not only spur a new industry but its campaign increased the desire of Americans to travel to a region of their nation they had not yet explored, creating a need for increased transportation routes. In the 1840s, the steamboat was a very common mode of transportation along the rivers of south-central states. This, of course, resulted in increased business on and around the rivers that run through America. Another transportation mode that was boosted by the expansion was the railway system, as significant numbers of Americans desired to move West. As the century progressed, the railroad system began to expand to help transport both people and large amounts of agriculture goods from place to place. Not only did the expansion of the agricultural industry boost America’s economy, the continuous Westward expansion attracted more Americans to travel and settle Westward; this resulted in further economic growth due to the nation’s expanding transportation networks, the building of new infrastructure, and the settlement of new towns and communities which relied on goods and services to

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