What Significance Did Malcolm X Have On African Americans Essay

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What Significance Did Malcolm X Have On African Americans?

“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” A famous quote written by a powerful person, Malcolm Little or also known as Malcolm X. Malcolm’s purpose on this earth was to influence African Americans to take effect on the injustice being served by American government. Prison took a big impact on the way of his thoughts of his beliefs which soon started to develop once becoming active in Nation of Islam. Malcolm became a big activist leader, who influenced many people which is why his name will forever live in history. Malcolm X will always leave his impact on america by doing what he believed in and encouraging others to stand up for themselves.

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After realizing and being released from prison

Malcolm soon joined a racial group called “Black Muslims” which is also where he got his

formally name as. Black muslims was a African American religious movement founded in 1930.

Black muslims would believe in “ Allah in person”. While in the religious movement, Malcolm

was growing as a person and a leader every day. The “Nation of islam” A religious African american group, which Malcolm soon became apart of and was a big leader in the group. Nation of Islam was founded in the 1930’s, Wallace Ford is the founder. Following the years Malcolm did meet a special person, Betty X. Betty X and Malcolm had four beautiful daughters together. In 1958, decided to get married. Malcolm family was growing, he was growing as an activist leader, and the attention was getting larger. The goal of Malcolm speeches were to give African American courage to defend their rights. Malcolm had many that agreed with him and many that disagreed. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X was same but different at the same time. King was a famous leader, a Black activist spokesman too in the 1960’s, but his viewpoints were just a little more different from …show more content…

In a CNN article written

by Zaheer Ali he states that “at the time of his death, Time magazine remembered Malcolm X

unsympathetically as “pimp, a cocaine addict, and a thief” and “an unashamed demagogue.” but

for those who had been paying closer attention to him, Malcolm X was an uncompromising

advocate for the urban poor and working class black america. This shows the different

viewpoints on how some looked at his significance differently. In 2009, a article states how a

specific group took in the influence of Malcolm X footsteps. It states “ In the summer of 1966

members of SNCC called for black power for black people.” SNCC stands for Student

Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, a student ran organization which was from a sit-in

movement. Malcolm did positive things in life, he even founded Afro-American unity in 1964.

The purpose was for the organization to have all african american come together, put their

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