What Things Most Surprised Molillie-As-Gerald

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•What things most surprised Mollie-as-Gerald?
•What point was Gilman making in this story?
•What did she identify as the gender inequalities of the day?
•Do the stereotypes concerning women that Gilman illustrates in this piece exist today? If so, provide an example

As Gerald Mollie was surprised by the amout of freedom she had financially as she so bluntly stated she had money to share or money to keep to herself. She was also taken a back by the physical difference her stature and the difference in attire. In my opinion the point Gilman tried to make was that there was no definitive difference between men and women. however when not given the same opportunities or forced in certain roles you can chastise women for not rising to the occoasion, when men don 't always measure up as well. Of course some of the stereotypes Gilman illustrated in the piece still exist today, it took til 2015 for females to be allowed into combat and I still hear people constantly joke about how they wont measure up.

•Discuss the reasons why Americans …show more content…

women in general were not respected and in most aspects during this time period they were either child rearing or working out of factories. You could not possibly treat women like fragile individuals who weren 't compotent enough to vote or enjoy basic rights men were given but hardened enough to work for wages in facotories. you could not expect women to rear children and not inqure more about their secuality in general and this is what fueled this new feminism. The goal of new feminism was to let women enjoy the basic rights males were taken for granted. What the new feminist movement tried to accomplish was freedom freedom mentaly, freedom to have children or the freedom to choose not to, the freedom to marry or to experiment sexually basically to not be tied down by stereotypical gender

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