What Was The Most Common Gender In The Salem Witch Trials Of 1692

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What is The Salem Witch Trials? Is it people going crazy? Young girls asking for attention? Is it panic in the towns, like not knowing whats going on? Or is it just people not liking peoples religion? Maybe, The Salem Witch trials is all of this and a lot more. Maybe, its not the people its just their surroundings. It could be just people wanting different people out of the world(perfect race).What happened during the Salem witch trials of 1692,how did they test to see if people were witches and how did people act, finally, what was the most common gender killed and some facts about the Salem of witch trials. The Salem Witch Trials Of 1692

The Salem witch trials of 1692 was a big impact on our history. The witch trials were involved …show more content…

A white witch used/ experimented with harmless purposes. A black witch used/ experimented with commit hardships and injury’s. The last one is contact with the devil this is known for the most extreme form of witchcraft(pooja). People believed witchcraft to be the gift of Satan or the give you soul to the devil. The most common gender killed normally was women or young girls, but there were some men. Most of the people that got hung were women, a few men got killed or examined. During this time period there is strong belief in the devil, which didn’t help the Salem Witch Trials. There were various offenses like actual witchcraft practice. Over 150 men and women were imprison in towns surrounding Salem. The most common death was to be hung nut one man was crushed to death. Many of the accused people died in prison as well.(Alison D'Amario) There was a few girls performing some form of magic with an egg to apparently determine their future husbands. The way they did this is they held a glass of water with the white of an egg to the sun. When a girl claimed she saw a coffin and not a face, they started examining her. She started to come down with what they accused as witchcraft because they couldn’t find an apparent cause. (Meghana Chilukli et

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