What Were The Benefits Of The Transcontinental Railroad

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The railroads. A benefit or a cost? The railroads were more of a benefit than a cost for the West because the Transcontinental Railroad connected the East to the West.

During the expansion of the West, economic growth in the West increased by over 200% in some parts. Along with this, the growth of the West positively impacted all parts of the United States. Through the Transcontinental Railroad, the West was able to spread the numbers of the East to even the US out and allowed the resources to spread easily.

The expansion and growth of the Transcontinental Railroad were great for the entirety of the United States because it allowed resources to travel quickly, economic expansion, and discovery of a new land of resources.

One benefit of the railroads was the speed of transportation. Whether that be …show more content…

The number of bushels of wheat saw an amazing 200% increase in sales and growth, just in the span of seven years.

From 887,790 bushels of wheat to 2,308,526, this is almost over double in sales. This can be connected to the growth of the economy because it contains important evidence showing positive impacts.

Sadly, these benefits were not without a cost. The Native Americans faced discrimination, and since the settlers were keen on colonizing the West, they were forced to leave. The US was in the wrong in this situation. There were many instances where the United States created peace treaties, promising the Natives to not infringe in their land, but these were almost always broken.

There were more costs to the Indians than just their land. Their culture and way of living were destroyed also. Through the death and mass extermination of the buffalo, which the Natives relied heavily on, lifestyles were forced to the remade.

"With the removal of the buffalo from the landscape of the American West, a central source of food, clothing, and shelter for Plains Indian tribes was

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