Who Has It Tougher, The Greasers Or The Socs?

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Hailey Heiser 03.04.15 4/8 Life of a Greaser Who has it tougher , the greasers or the socs? The greasers have it tougher than the socs because the socs are always walking over them. Greasers are poor and they get jumped by the socs. People might say that the socs had it tougher because things are rough all over , but the socs are the ones who jumped the greasers and made their lives tougher. Things are rough all over , but the greasers had it tougher. Money is one reason why greasers had it tougher. In the story, the author says, “We're poorer than the socs and the middle class.” This shows that greasers don't have a lot of money, so they can't buy a lot of the things that they would need to survive. Greasers couldn't do a lot of things because they were poor, but the socs were rich and they could do whatever they wanted with their money. In the story, the author says, “We get jumped by the socs.” The socs and the greasers obviously don't like each other because both sides are different. Socs beat up the greasers because they think its fun. Greasers had a hard time with money and getting beat up by the socs, but there is more to why they have it tougher. …show more content…

In the story, the author says, “We were as good as they were; it wasn't our fault that we were greasers.” The greasers feel that it is unfair because they are people just like the socs. Socs and greasers are all different, but one thing they have in common is that they are all people. In the story, the author says, “Greasers will still be greasers and socs will still be socs.” No matter what both sides were going to be the same people that they are. They are going to stay the same because that is what they are. Greasers have a tough life because of how the socs treat them, but some people think socs have it

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