Who Is Clarisse In Fahrenheit 451

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In the novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury creates a society through the use of narrative descriptions and dialogue of a world where the vast majority of characters possesses no emotions with little knowledge about everything happening around them. This is shown in the comparison of Clarisse and Mildred.

Characters in this novel have very little knowledge about anything. TV walls and shows are their only concern. Mildred is an average person in the novel, she doesn't love Montag and will likely never love anything. It is shown that Mildred is using Montag for a new TV wall. She wants him to get out of the house so he can earn money for new things and she can have the house to herself. For example on (page 18) The society thinks couples
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She seems knowledgeable and odd in comparison to most everyone around her. The impact that Clarisse had on Montag was life changing for him. Montag is not the average citizen like Mildred. He is a thinker, and one to question things. Clarisse’s unique mind and personality questioned him like no one has before, and made him realize things about himself that had never crossed his mind. This idea of love makes citizens unnoticeably miserable, Montag was never in love but he always thought he was, until Clarisse pried his brain. “ ‘Have you ever heard of rubbing a dandelion under your chin? If it rubs off, it means I’m in love. Has it?’ ‘Your yellow under there’ ‘Fine! Lets try you now.’ ‘It wont work for me.’ Said Montag ‘What a shame,’ she said. ‘Your not in love with anyone.’ ‘Yes I am!’ ‘It doesn't show.’ ” (19) Another event that impacted Montag's life and made him change his perspective was the lady on Elm Street. When she decided if her books were going down in flames, she would too. (36) Montag realised that if she was willing to die for her books,then these books definitely have something meaningful to them. All these events have made Montag realize the importance of books and the precious things they carry. In order to live a fulfilled life you must understanding the world and actually having feelings towards people. Clarisse's impact on Montag enlightened him to change…show more content…
With the government being so controlling, no one understands why books are so harmful they just assume so because they were told that they are poison. Faber is one that has the mind and ability to make a change and convince others the importance of books. He knows the society is corrupted and destroyed. He expresses to Montag that he is a coward and is too scared to commit to anything. Out of fear Faber is unwilling to help Montag. “‘You don't care anymore?’
‘I care so much I’m sick.’ ‘And you won't help me?’ ‘Good night, good night.’” (84) Faber decides to help only to save a bible, which brings out his character and his love for knowledge. Montag and Faber share the same curiosity. They both see the dark side within the society and how untrustworthy the government
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